Quickly accessing certain files

I have a few list files I go to several times a day. Is there any way to come up with a bunch of actions which take me to these lists? I can then assign keyboard commands to the actions and switch between them without going through the sidebar at all.


Assuming by files you mean drafts and not file system files, you could use a an action with a single script step and content like this.


Just substitute in the UUID of the draft you want to open, and set your preferred keyboard shortcut.

If you want to load a file in a particular application from the file system, that perhaps depends on the files, OS and the apps as to potential approaches. Some apps have URL schemes where you can direct them to a file. If you are exclusively referring to the Mac, you could trigger a shell script from a Drafts action that could open the file. If you’re one i*OS, maybe tying it into a Shortcuts shortcut might be an option if the app has good Shortcuts support. If you want to import the file each time into Drafts, you have other options too.

That is exactly what I was looking for.

I meant drafts and this works perfectly. Makes it easy to navigate to a particular file without going through the mouse/trackpad.

Thank you very much.