Quick Search UI Problem on iPadOS

CMD+Shift+Space brings up the quick search menu in the centre. However, the same combination also bring the search at the left menu bar.

The focus stays with the front quick open menu but the actual keyboard keystrokes are typed in the background in the left search menu bar.

Anyone else has this problem on iPad?

iPad Pro with iOS 14.6

Those are not default keyboard shortcuts in the app. It is likely you have one or more actions installed with those shortcuts assigned. You can display shortcuts in the action list options (... above list), or hold down command for your shortcut overlay to determine the assignments and determine what action you have set to this shortcut.

If you share what that action is, we may be able to help fix it. I imagine it’s one you installed from the directory.

I completely forgot what I have installed over a year ago. Found it and removed a custom list search action.

Thank you.

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