Quick note when app not running

Hi guys,

Just a quick one from me. I’m a fairly new user, so I’m quite prepared to accept I might be doing something wrong.

I have my quick capture key set up and it’s working fine. But is there a way to launch the quick capture window when the app isn’t running? I’m just thinking about those occasions when, on the phone for example, and you need to make a quick note, if the app isn’t running, it is another step in the process.

Any guidance gratefully received.

You could set Drafts to open at logon to ensure it is always running… assuming you do not close it.

If you have Keyboard Maestro, you could use it to check Drafts is open, if not, open it, and then only once confirmed as running, the igger the quick capture.

You could build a basic quick capture outside of Drafts that logs to Drafts via Shortcuts, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, etc.

For IOS – the easiest is to make a widget that appears on the home screen, which can include several options, if desired. I have one with 8 options, including open a new draft, open last draft, open with dictation, open sidebar in speciifc workspace, etc. Not quite the quick draft action, but probably does what you need. I’ve not tried it on MAC.

On your homescreen, press and hold on a non-Icon part of the screen, until the icons wiggle. There should be a "+"in the upper corner (left), hit it, add a widget, select Drafts from the list, scroll right or left to select how many panes to show, then fill in the substance (one can be the "quick Draft"action, or any other action). Once on your home screen, you can move it around like any other app icon. More details in lots of places.