Quick Note to an existing list via Mac Keyboard Shortcut

I using a keyboard shortcut Shift + CMD + 1 to return me to the last Draft I accessed (when I am not in Drafts app). So, I created a Draft list in Workspaces named #Quick Draft Inbox. I use it when I have an idea or note I want to add and save (when not in the Drafts app but Drafts is active).

Is anyone aware of a way I can use a keyboard shortcut to open that list directly to enter another draft no matter what Draft was previously accessed so all quick notes are together without opening a black Draft, typing the note and then use the list action to add it to this workspace list.

Thank you, Bob

I’m not sure if I’m clear on exactly what you are asking. It sounds like you mostly want a quick way to jump to specific drafts while using the app. If so, you might find my “Go to Bookmark” example action useful. It works by creating a popup for you to select from and open any draft you have assigned the “bookmarked” tag.

That may be more than you are looking for if you only have one, specific draft. In that case, every draft has a unique URL. You can copy that link from the contextual menu in the draft list, or from the (i) info screen for the draft.

Once you have that URL, you can create an action with a single “Open URL” action step, and paste in that URL as it’s template value - which gives you an action that is just a shortcut to opening that specific draft. You could also use it in a shortcut in the Shortcuts app, if you want to be able to assign in a keyboard shortcut that would work whether Drafts is the frontmost app or not.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, I will explore the Bookmark option.
What I am trying to accomplish is to use a keyboard shortcut to open an existing (specific) Draft so I can add content or an addition note to already existing Draft.

I can do that (almost) now as long as long that specific Draft was last opened in the app using CMS+Shift+1.

To me it can serve as a KISS way to add a one-liner quick note, a reminder, a ToDo, etc.

See my current month Quick Capture Draft (attached)

The best way to do this, and have a globally available keyboard shortcut, is the Shortcuts suggestion I made above. Create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app, and add only one “Open Draft” action to it. Select the draft you want opened by tapping in that actions’ options, then assign it a “Keyboard Shortcut” in the Details panel - similar to the attached.

Then you will have a system-wide keyboard shortcut to run that shortcut and open Drafts (even if it not already running), directly to that draft.

Hope this helps!

I am unclear how to select the draft I want to open

  1. named the shortcut Quick Capture
  2. I added Open Draft action (I believe)
  3. I do not know how to open the Draft I want … where is “that actions options”


What you have there is the shortcut enabled to accept some input as a Quick Action.

You have not added an Open Draft action (yet).

There is no need to accept input based on the above (just opening via Shortcuts, not capturing via). Add the one action as per Greg’s post and screenshot above.

Thank you.
Topic resolved - shortcut works as needed.