Quick entry actions

Hey folks, long time listener, first time caller.

I’m coming back to Drafts after some time away as I overhaul my workflows, using it to send to both Devonthink and Things.

Is there a way to have an action immediately executed after using the quick entry window? I’ve hunted around and can’t find a clear answer there.

Any pointer in the appropriate direction are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

There is no “automatic” triggering of actions available. If you want to process a capture immediately, you can use the “Open” option to jump to the created draft from capture, and trigger an action on it.

If you’re a Raycast user then you could do that using my raycast extension for Drafts:

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, right there. Thank you.

Raycast was not on my radar, I’ll be exploring this more deeply.

I’m also using a couple of your Draft actions, @FlohGro , thank you!

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That’s great to hear @jmstovall1 - let me know if you get this working for you and if you miss anything :v:t4: