Quick Drafts Keyboard Shortcut

I would like to use a keyboard shortcut to create an ongoing ‘Quick Note’ captured in a single Workspace. That shortcut I used (fn+CMD+N) created a new Draft. I would like all Quick Notes to be ‘collected’ in one Workspace (versus all separate Drafts) under a Workspace ‘Quick Note’ in a simple list format using - [ ] to look like this in that Workspace

  • [ ] Draft1
  • [ ] Draft2
  • [ ] Draft3
  • [ ] etc

Thank you all.

Not completely sure I understand, but that sounds pretty much like what the “Add to List” example workflow is for…take a look and see if this meets your needs:

I believe this will get me 85% there.

I wanted to use this workflow

  1. keyboard shortcut for a new draft quick note (as long as Drafts is active)
  2. enter content for note
  3. magically save to a List … duh!
  4. using Add to List named Quick Note I set us works just fine - thanks for your patience on this
    Thank you
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