Quick delete from within note - possible?

Hi - I really like Drafts and have used it for the past few years - especially for … drafts. And then I action those drafts and get back to whatever I was doing - which means the app is full of drafts and scraps that are no longer useful: emails I sent, phone numbers I jotted down but didn’t need a name for. As I look to migrate what’s useful from Drafts 4 into Drafts 5 (and looking forward to a syncing Mac app), I have a lot to delete.

Problem: Have to open each note to see what’s in it, and whether it’s useful. Often it’s not, but can’t delete (unless I’m missing something) from within the note, so have to go back out to the list - and then it’s moved (sorted by last opened), and I have to go find it again and then open it again to make sure it’s that one I was about to delete, and then exit it again, and then swipe from the list to delete it.

Please tell me that there’s a way to delete from within the note, and that I’m doing this all wrong.


You can use an action to delete the draft based on what to do when the action completes. There’s actually one in the Drafts 4 action directory you can download.


Hope that helps.

Within Drafts 5 it’s pretty easy to set up your own ‘delete draft’ action. Just set up a new action with no steps, with the ‘After success,’ set to Trash. To avoid accidental use, just toggle-on ‘confirm before running,’ in the Advanced section to the bottom.

An even better solution may be to install the ‘Processing’ action group. Then, if on an iPad, you can pin that action group open and then work through your drafts, selecting appropriate course of action from the list.