Quick Capture window does not stay in the same monitor

In a multi monitor setup, Quick Capture window does not stay in the same monitor, once macOS (Ventura, in my case) wakes up from sleep. Not a big issue as I can move it, but it gets tired after doing the same everytime it wakes up from sleep. Does it happens to all of you and what are the remedies?

I can’t reproduce that here at the moment. Tried placing it on each of my monitors and sleeping the machine several times, it always is where I left it when I wake the machine.

Thanks @agiletortoise . Looks like I’m probably an edge case. I’m running 3 screens on a Mac mini - 1xLG and 2xDell. One connected to USB-C, one HDMI, and one via a dongle. It does screw up with Ventura once a while for instance, the dock will die (sometimes) when waking up. I had to do a killall dock to restore things. So, the Quick Capture going to different monitor be due to this setup. Just to be sure, I usually keep Quick Capture on the main screen while the actual Drafts window on a separate screen.

Anyway, I am going to detach one monitor and see if this persist.