Quick capture to action

One way I’ve used to using Drafts on iOS is that I open it, it gives me a quick blank space to write anything. Then I may decide to send it with email, post it to forum, etc with a quick action. Drafts for MacOS has this shortcut for quick capture shortcut besides the main Drafts window. The main Drafts window seems like designed for a bit longer, with the default “new draft” set to 30 minutes. And there’s no shortcut that I know to quickly create a new draft in the main Drafts view. What’s puzzling to me is that there’s no quick way to perform an action on the quick capture window. If I make a note in the quick capture window, I then need to save it to the main Drafts app, switch to the main Drafts view, then select the action from there. In practice this means that if I ever use the quick capture shortcut, I usually just resolve to selecting, copying, pasting and deleting it all manually.

It’d help if there was a way to perform an action on the quick capture view. I personally wouldn’t mind if the quick capture also automatically created the same draft in the main Drafts view. Maybe I don’t understand the use cases other people have for this quick capture behaviour. Do you use it like a scratch pad? In any case, the way I’d like to use it is just to write the thing in there, run an action and be done with it.

Agree it would be nice to have action support in the quick capture window, and that may come someday. It’s primary purpose it to pop up and let you capture something while in other apps without imposing on your current work otherwise.

There is a global shortcut to bring the main window to front, with all its capabilities and action support. It will respect your “new draft after” setting, so will be opened to a new draft if it’s been longer than your timeout since you last used it - or if not, you can just hit ⌘-N to get a new draft.

I came here looking for this very thing. Perhaps something like ⇧return could pop up a search box to start typing the name of the action that could then be navigated with arrows and activated with return again.