Quick capture doesn't support markdown hotkeys


  • in Quick capture window, you couldn’t use hotkeys on markdown formatting, eg ⌘B for bold, ⌘] for indention. which really is an inconvenience
    • it’s so probably because that you Drafts.app are worried that this will call for keyboard shortcut conflict with t contextual app ^[ie t active window before you revoke Quick capture window]. But by practice, after you called t Quick capture whatever hotkey hit won’t affect t contextual app at all, so there shouldn’t be such worry.

Regards, thanks!

To clarify terminology, what you cannot do in the capture window is run actions. Actions do a lot of things other than text formatting and there are many contextual implications to the environment needed to support actions that cannot be easily reproduced in the capture window (not the least of which being that you have not actually created a draft when working in the capture window).

If you need actions, or have more complicated capture needs, just hit the “Open” button (or option-command-return) in the capture window and you will flip over to editing in the app where all actions are available.

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Thanks for your reply and I appreciate it.

However, since Quick capture is much more agile and elegant in capturing ideas when working with other app aganist Main window (first, it floats on t current space^[t “desktop” in macOS] so no confronting space’s switching forth and back; second, when has been closed, it will auto bring t focus back to t contextual/previous app without further operations^[eg click screen or hit ⌘⇥]), so I use it a lot. I still hope that, if technically permitted, it’s, though not indispensable, but elaborate and user-friendly to add shortcut support, at least partially for t most frequent-used actions like formatting, to Quick capture.

Regards. Thanks!

I’d like to second that.

The Capture window is, at least from my point of view, the macOS equivalent to the iOS/iPadOS version’s program start with a ready to type empty editor. Hit the keyboard shortcut to open a Capture window—and write. It’s fast and it’s great for the basic stuff. But that does include basic formatting like italics. The more advanced actions on the other hand should stay in the main window.

Of course one could reduce the main window to the Editor and in size and move it to the position of the Capture window. But that would make using of the actions etc., if necessary, uncomfortable.