Query from new user re: lists of dates in Fantastical

Hi guys,

I’m a new user (under a year) and I’m just now starting to find my feet with this wonderful app. I’m still at the basic stages, but wow. The extent of actions available is blowing my mind.

I have a question about actions that I can’t find the answer to, and I’m hoping someone can assist.

I have found the Drafts to Fantastical action and that works brilliantly. I type a Draft, send it to Fantastical and it appears. No issues there.

It is possible for me to type a list of dates within a single Draft and to send them to Fantastical and create a number of different events? When I do that at the moment, it creates a “proposal” of a single event with a number of different possible times/dates rather than multiple events, which is what I am after.

Any guidance gratefully received.


There are some examples in the Fantastical integration guide. Note that the version that parses multiple lines is not compatible with the Mac version of Fantastical, as they only support callback URLs on iOS.

You might find the separate linked example which offers similar functionality without relying on Fantastical useful as well.

Thanks @agiletortoise. I appreciate the prompt and helpful response.

Loved your interview on MPU this week. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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