Quanta Platform Integration

Wanted to let everyone know I’m investigating how to integrate Drafts into “Quanta” (I’m the developer of the platform). The primary focus of Quanta is to be an editable text content “Tree in the Cloud”, and it uses Markdown also, and one of Quanta’s capabilities is to function well as a notes taking app.

Quanta runs in HTML however, with a main focus on Desktop Browser experience rather than phones, although it should have a decent UX on all platforms.

Not sure if there’s a way to just “drop in” Drafts capabilities into an arbitrary JavaScript/Browser app, but even if it’s a non-proprietary spec it’s something I might want to support.


The most likely integration point would be posting new content to Quanta from Drafts. Does it have a REST API?

Quanta supports ActivityPub (Fediverse) but other than that it doesn’t talk to other systems.