Punctuation Dictation in iOS Drafts

Hello all, I’m a newbie here searching from experienced older heads.

I use DRAFTS on my iPhone to capture spoken ideas so I can polish the text later on my Mac. But I have difficulties with when dictating hand-written notes in DRAFTS.

For example the command “Open quotes” and “Close quotes” is generally understood but while smart quotes (“66 & 99”) are used, they’re not used in the right place. And sometimes spaces seem to be introduced in the wrong place. For example, DRAFTS types this: "Hello, "he said.

Whether this is a problem with DRAFTS or Apple’s implementation of dictation, is there a fix to this?

Are you dictating with system dictation (mic button below keyboard) or with Drafts’ custom dictation interface?

I just press the microphone button on the iOS version of Drafts. Sorry, I’m unaware of a custom dictation interface. Tell me more.

The link I provided above explains the custom dictation interface. I expect you will not have the same issues with it.

If you are pressing the mic button, you are using iOS’s default Siri dictation, and it should work in Drafts just as in other apps. I would recommend disabling smart quotes in Editor Settings (Aa) to avoid odd behavior with the dictation of quotes.