Published Action: Lost ... how to delete

I lost an hande-made published action from my action list.

How do I get it back to delete / modify it in the action directory?

Hopefully you have backups enabled and it’s in there.

My backup config was on. But set to weekly …

That means: no. There is sadly no backup.

If I install my extension from the action directory and published it a copy was created.

There is nothin lost, that is of value but the first publish is no longer accessible

@agiletortoise is there a way for me to do somethin?

There is an additional warning when deleting a published action to help avoid this situation, but you cannot re-establish a link to the action directory version if you have deleted the original action.

Open a support ticket with information about the action and I can remove it from the action directory. You can republish from a restored version if desired.

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Ok, I will do that.

I did not get a warning message because I did not delete it. It was another save or sync problem.

Running iOS14 beta I do not anyone but me.