Prompt text field tab ordering?

Is there any way to specify/control the tab ordering of the text fields and other input form widgets when creating a user prompt in script?

Currently, when I add multiple text fields and buttons to the prompt, it does not work as expected. For example, (on MacOS) when I’m finished typing in a text field, and press TAB, I’m expected to navigate to the next text field. But the tab order seems to be random, and TAB-ing and shift+TAB-ing around for a number of times even crash the app occasionally.

Probably worth sharing an action and a set sequence of steps for reproducing the crash. @agiletortoise should then be able to investigate that, because tabbing around shouldn’t be crashing the app.

As for the tabbing, I believe the order should match the order in which the fields are added to the prompt. Again, if you share a link to an example action, others can test it and verify if they observe the same behaviour.

Thanks! Here is the script that could reproduce the crash. I just use a simple test action with a single Script Action step.

function get_basic_info() {
  let today = new Date().toString("yyyy-MM-dd");

  var p = Prompt.create();
  p.title = "Creat Item in Bear";
  p.addSegmentedControl("type", "Type", ["book", "game", "media", "art", "project"], "book");
  p.addTextField("title", "Title", "");
  p.addPicker("rating", "Rating", [[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]], [5]);
  p.addTextField("day", "Day", today);
  var not_canceled =;
  if (!not_canceled) {
      return null;
  // omitted


Steps to reproduce crash

  1. Run the action => I get a dialog, with the current focus on “book”.
  2. Press TAB 5 times => the focus is on the “OK” button.
  3. Press TAB one more time => the focus is still on the “OK” button.
  4. Press Shift+Tab => Drafts crashes.

Steps to see inconsistent TAB behavior

  1. Run the action, click on the “title” textfield, input anything (e.g. “aaa”)
  2. Press Tab => expect the focus to be on the “day” text field, but the focus instead goes to some invisible place (maybe on the labels)?
  3. Press Tab again => somehow the focus goes back to the “title” textfield again.

Thanks for the report. This is definitely buggy, will fix in the next update.