Process Meeting Notes action change from Todoist to Things

I really like the idea of @nahumck 's Process Meeting Notes action, but I’m wondering if anyone knows how to change it so task-prefixed (- [ ] ) items go to Things instead of Todoist?


I’m not sure that’s possible without a whole bunch more work. Have you found an API for Teams that includes adding tasks? (My firm’s Teams does not include any task-managment feature.)

Are the tasks the same as they would be in Outlook? I just wonder if there’s some other access point that you could write to.

So sorry - I’ve corrected my post. I means THINGS, not Teams.

Yes, this is totally possible. You just need to build a callback url to add the tasks to Things.

If i have time tomorrow, I’ll post the code you’d need to add.

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I haven’t tested it, but I’ve updated it here with code that I know works. I don’t know why I had to reupload it, but I did have some spring cleaning issues earlier. So here’s the latest action, which includes both Todoist and Things. More could be added, but I’m lazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would have tested it, but I don’t have Things or Todoist installed.

Process Meeting Notes

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Fantastic - thank you!

HI. I can’t figure out how to get Drafts to remove "- [ ] " when it sends to Things. It is annoying to have to do it with every todo when it arrives in Things. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, many thanks for all this, it is really helpful! I’m new to Draft Pro and following all great work on the forum. I was wondering if there is a way to sent the notes from the Meeting to Reminders, instead of Things or Todoist?.

The workflow I am using is: 1-Shortcut extracts all meetings in a given day, 2-sends a draft to Drafts, I then 3- process the meeting notes including actions, 4- the meeting note is then sent to Obsidian for filing , the missing step 5th is to send the tasks (from within the meeting note) to Reminders

You can leverage the script here for sending it to Reminders. Forgot that I had this!

Process Meeting Notes (Reminders)

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