Problems exporting to Devonthink with tags

Hi, I hope someone can help me please: I’ve used Devonthink for a few years but am new to Drafts, I successfully did this with an Action I downloaded but it didn’t export tags.

I then found some comments on here that recommended updated Actions that also included tags export. I’ve tried these but they still don’t export tags.

Please could anyone recommend a downloadable Action that does work exporting notes to Devonthink with the Drafts tags?

Many thanks in advance.

Tony C

Can you please reference the actions you’re referring to?

Hello FlohGro,

Thanks for your quick response. As they didn’t work I deleted them both from Drafts. One definitely came from this forum, Here is the link:

I think the other also came from here but I can’t find it now.

I am using Drafts 43 and Devonthink 3.9.6 on a Mac running Sonoma 14.2.1

On my ipad I am running the latest Drafts and Devonthink to Go 3 on iPadOS 17.3.1

I really like Drafts and have been a big user of Devonthink for a few years. Integrating the two would be a great addition to my workflow.

If you are able to advise me I would be very grateful.
Many thanks in advance for your help.


That action is attempting to use x-callback, which according to the docs are not supported by DEVONthink.

I created a quick and basic action that uses a URL call to create a Markdown file in DEVONthink on Mac and iOS/iPadOS (I tested to confirm on these platforms) based on the current draft, using the display version of the title (first line) as the name of the file, the body of the draft (second line onwards) as the content, and the tags being carried across too.

See if this action works for your needs.

Thank you very much for your help, that seems to work perfectly

Sorry a quick update question: using the action you sent me works perfectly on Mac but on iosOS with Devonthink to Go 3 although it send the drafts text to Devonthink to Go, it does not include tags. Please could you let me know if this is as expected?

Many thanks
Tony C

I tested it when I created it for you to try out the other day and it still works for me today as shown in this sequence of screenshots.

Can you test with a similar, simple example?

DEVONthink supports x-callback-urls in their mobile app.
I adapted an action I somewhat regularly use to export Drafts to DEVONthink (to Go) to include tags.
It uses x-callback-url when on iOS/iPadOS and ‚normal‘ urls when executed on macOS.

Maybe the [[display_title]] in your action compared to [[safe_title]] in my version causes the issues @Jess9000 has…?
I think I remember that I used [[display_title]] in the past and changed it but I could also be wrong.

I tested @sylumer`s action and it works for me, too.

I am sorry, I’ve been really stupid here re Devonthink to go: for some reason I thought I would see the tags at the bottom of the text in DTTG. I had forgotten that in DTTG I have to add the tags in the info window. When I checked all the Drafts exported with Sylumer’s action included the tags in the info window.

I feel very silly, but thanks very much for your help and patience
Tony C

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