Problem with Mail Action

I use Apple Mail and have trouble getting mail action to work on all my devices. Action syncs nicely across my devices (Mac, MacBook and iPhone) but it only works on my Mac. Action executes but does not open the email. What do I need to do to make Mail action work on my iPhone and MacBook as well? Thanks.

Have you read the docs for the Mail action step?

In particular, are you attempting to send an HTML-based e-mail as described as a limitation on Mac for that action? If so there is a helper app you can make use of.

Is this the default “Mail” action that comes in the “Basic” action group? Have you made any modifications to this action?

What does happen when you run it on those devices? Do you get a red error banner? Is there any more detailed information in the action log regarding an failures that might have occurred?

Yes, I use the “Mail” action in the “Basic” action group. The only modification I made was to include my email address as a Bcc. When executing the action I do not receive an error message. No email is triggered but the action opens Chrome instead.

The Mail Assistant app works perfectly! Thank you. Native Mail action still not working on my MacBook Air. Opens Chrome - no email? Dit not make any modifications other than including my own email address as Bcc.

On Mac, the default mail action uses a mailto: URL, so will open your default email application. You, apparently, have set Chrome to be your default mail app.

If you fix that to use Mail (in Mail settings) it will work fine.

This fixed my issue. Thank you.

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