Problem with FlickType keyboard on Apple Watch

I can no longer add drafts using the FlickType keyboard which I was using every day and it was the main reason for becoming a Drafts subscriber.

Specifically, when I try to add a new draft using the Flicktype keyboard I get a choice dialog:

Download “FlickType Keyboard” from the App Store?
Download now
I already have it

If I choose “Download”, it opens the App Store on the Flicktype page where I can only select the Open button which opens the Messenger app and I can create a new message using the FlickType keyboard without any problem.

If I choose “I have it already”, it goes straight to the Flicktype Keyboard where I can enter a string, hit DONE, and get an alert “URL Failed to Load - this URL can be viewed on your iPhone". The only option is to Dismiss this dialog and it goes back to the keyboard.

I have tried to delete both Drafts and FlickType and reinstall them without any results.

I use the 8.7 version of WatchOS (Apple Watch 4) because I have an iPhone SE, which is stuck on the 15.7 iOS. I use the 34.2 Drafts version (182) and the 2021.12 version of FlickType.

Any help is appreciated!

There does appear to be a breakage in the FlickType support. I will look into it and get it resolved. I will say it’s likely this support will be phased out in the next year or so and that app is no longer being updated, but I should be able to get it back up and running at least for a bit longer.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I hope you will manage to fix this.

FlickType is such a brilliant and unique keyboard app and its integration with Drafts makes the later a killer app for the watch. I have typed hundreds of drafts using it.

Moreover Apple decided not only to not provide support for its own keyboard for older Apple Watches but to force FlickType’s developer to stop developing his app. What a shame!

Please provide support for FlickType for as long as it is possible!

Thanks for your great work!

FlickType should be working again in v35. Let me know if you have any more problems with it.

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No more problems! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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