Problem with Batch Operations

I have an action to send a series of notes to DEVONthink. My typical workflow is to generate a series of drafts, then run a batch operation on them. For some reason this has stopped working for me. I am getting a warning stating that “It contains URL action steps which may leave the app and not return to allow the operation to be continued. This action must be run on only one draft at a time”. I’ve never had this issue before (I did take the step to have DT open in split view to make sure the operation continued). Any ideas?
EDIT: I see that in the change log of the latest version this warning has been introduced. Am I right to assume that there is a better way to get multiple drafts over to DT through batch operations?

What DEVONThink action are you using? DEVONThink supports x-callback-url, and if you use CallbackURL step based actions instead of URL based actions, they can be processed in batch mode.

URL based steps never return to Drafts. In just the right conditions they can sometimes work in batch, but mostly cause problems and fail in useless and unpredictable ways, so I introduced that error to prevent them from being used.

CallbackURL based actions do return to Drafts, so can be chained together in this way. You might start with this DEVONThink example from the directory which uses x-callback.

Hmm. This is the operation I’m using, and still getting that pop-up:
x-devonthink://x-callback-URL/createText?title=[[title]]&text=[[body]]&tags=[[tags]]&destination=MY UUID

EDIT: Ahh! I had it under a URL action rather than a callback action. Thanks for your help!

Make sure the CallbackURL is set to “Wait for response”, too, so it doesn’t try to chain before the previous action is finished.

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Ok will do - thanks again.