Problem creating draft with tag in ios 14 beta 3

Hoping this is the right spot for this.

I’m having an issue adding a tag to a new draft in iOS 14 beta 3 via Shortcuts. The draft is created successfully but it won’t add the preset tag I’ve set. I’m not using variables for the tags and it looks like it happens whether I have one or more tags. None will be added to the draft.

Generally beta discussions happen over on the Slack channel - it’s linked on the beta page.

I would say that you should also ensure that you are running the latest test flight version of Drafts if you are running iOS14.

This is a Shortcuts bug. Please report to Apple via Feedback assistant…the more reports they get the easier it is to get their attention.

Will do! Wasn’t sure whether drafts or shortcuts etc. Hoping they fix in the next beta.

BTW, I’m doing it to help me make a whole read later app out of drafts. Making a dedicated workspace and action tab for it. :muscle:

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Interestingly, I’m already doing this, although in my case it’s not its own workspace, it just goes to the untagged inbox like everything else. I just convert the article to markdown and save it to Drafts. Later I use preview mode to read it and then decide whether I keep it or not. If I keep it, obviously I can then tag it and add it to the rest of my system.

It’s a really great workflow and keeps me from having to read the articles in Pocket then save them like I was doing previously.