Printing with line feeds

Hi, how do I print from Drafts and have the printer recognise line feeds? I have a doc which is an address over four lines but when I go to print this, using the Print action, it previews and prints in one continuous line. I’m obviously missing something somewhere. Any ideas, please?

Most preview and print actions assume you are writing in Markdown, and convert to HTML for formatted output. Markdown, like HTML, does not explicitly respect line breaks, but flows text to fit.

You have two choices in this case:

  1. Use an action that is configured to print as plain text, not HTML. There is a ready-to-use example Print as Text action in the Directory you can install if you do not already have it.
  2. Force line breaks in Markdown, which is done by adding two spaces to the end of a line. (relevant section of Markdown spec on paragraphs/line breaks).

Thank you. I have it working now. Your help is much appreciated