Print All Drafts

I am trying to export all of my drafts to print them so I have a manual back up. It’s a lot of text, but I’d like to get it all on physical paper for peace of mind. Is there an action out there that will get all of my drafts ready to print?

Thanks so much, everyone. I really love this app and the creative community that is engaging with it.

  • Josh

I admit that’s one I haven’t come across before…is there any particular format or organization you want applied to the print out?

Superficially, I would think they best option would be an action which loops over all drafts and creates a new single merged draft which you can print…or, short of an action, you could use the export tools to export all your drafts to a CSV file and open it and format it for printing in a spreadsheet application or similar.

Thanks for the quick response! I ended up exporting it as a CSV and then printed it out that way.