Prevent notes from closing

The default behaviour of Drafts seems to be for a note to close after it’s been open for a while or when Drafts is closed itself. I find it a bit annoying because there are particular notes that I wished stayed open and showed up when I start Drafts until I expressly close them. Is there any way of enforcing this behaviour? Thanks.

This article pretty well covers the options for configuring that behavior:

Note that you can also override if you only sometimes want to by long-pressing the app icon and selecting “Last Draft” to open back to the last draft, ignoring the setting temporarily.

Thanks. I see. So, there’s no way to override this default behaviour directly. The only thing you can do (which essentially has the same effect) is to pin a specific note.

If I’m the only one that would like it to be different, never mind, but I think it would be nicer to be able to change the default behaviour to opening with the last written or used note and have the “New Draft After” as an option for those who prefer it. Otherwise one has to remember to pin the note every time. I find it more intuitive to see the last note you had last time you checked and then simply press + whenever you want a new note. I would imagine the most frequent situation is one where one keeps on adding new items (for example if you have a to-do list) on a specific note.

Actually, it would be even better if the note Drafts opens with is the last one one has been working on any device. I imagine I’m not the only one that starts working on a draft, say on the iPhone, and then continues with the computer later on or the other way around.

EDIT: Actually, I don’t know whether this is the best place to do bug reporting but pinning is not working on my Mac. I pin a note and if I quit, next time I open Drafts I get a blank note again. Interestingly, this doesn’t happen with the iPhone. If I pin a note, this is what will show up next time I open.

You can set the “New Draft After” timeout to “Never”. That completely disables the feature.

Pinned mode is persistent as well. If you enable it, it will remain enabled across restarts of the app until you turn it off.

That is true on the Mac. Pinning mode is persisted across restarts of the app, but it does not try to load your last note. The iOS version does that because the system will randomly quit the app in the background.

There’s a reasonable argument that the Mac version should reload the last draft on start if pinning is enabled, but it doesn’t come up much because you have to intentionally quit the app, which is a pretty clear signal you are finished with your current work session.

Is there a reason you are quitting Drafts, if you are still working on the same note?

Thanks for your quick responses. I have now set “New Draft After” to “Never” on my Mac and it works as expected. If I pin a note and quit, however, what I get next time I open the app is a blank page.

The reason I quit Drafts is that it gets rather crazy more often than not and I have way too many apps and tabs open at the same time. Also, since I updated to Monterey I’m experiencing a rather odd problem which is that Finder freezes when I delete a big number of files at the same time. Some times the problem gets fixed by forcing Finder to quit but I’ve resorted to restarting my computer when I see that this is starting to happen too often. I know this is a problem that has noting to do with Drafts but there are many reasons why one would want to quit an app. Even if it is one of the most wonderful ones that exists :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I would find it less confusing if you would get the last note you worked with when you open Drafts. At least I’m getting that now on my iPhone but it would be nice to get it also on the Mac.

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