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Drafts quick-capture notes app celebrates ten years of helping people capture text with a special offer for new users


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N. Richland Hills, Texas: Today, Drafts, an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch app, celebrates ten years of availability in the Apple App Store and offers new customers the chance to sign up for a special introductory offer.

Regularly featured by Apple and the App Store, Drafts is a stalwart of the Apple ecosystem and has pride of place on countless Home screens around the world. Drafts has undergone many changes over those ten years, but its focus remains on making it as quick and easy to capture thoughts as possible. To that end, Drafts opens to a blank page, ready for text to be typed.

In the decade since its debut, Drafts has become the place where people put their ideas, notes, shopping lists, and more. No matter where that text might end up, it starts in Drafts. From there, Drafts’ note sorting and management features can be used to organize thoughts or text can be sent to other apps and web services for processing. Whether it’s a message to be sent via the Messages app or something as powerful as publishing a blog post, Drafts captures the text and sends it where it needs to be — and fast!

Ten years in the App Store has helped Drafts grow a community of users of all levels who are ready to help people as they get started. A growing directory of actions couples with a community always eager to help makes Drafts the perfect way to do almost anything with words.

When speed is of the essence, Drafts is the perfect place to capture everything whether people are following the Getting Things Done methodology or just want to note those shower thoughts before they pass. Robby, an educator, author, podcaster, and percussionist has been using Drafts for every one of those ten years and enjoys the way Drafts is always there, ready to capture thoughts that can be processed later.

Of the many professional domains I juggle, my job as a middle school band director alone requires me to manage a lot of responsibility. I have to be a master teacher, performer, arranger, composer, conductor, data clerk, fundraiser, field trip planner, and more. Being able to tap the Drafts icon on my dock and quickly enter any thought that enters into my mind has been nothing short of life-changing. I used to be overwhelmed by my responsibilities, but through organization systems, and particularly Drafts, I have been able to take away the friction between the thoughts that grab my attention and what gets permanently saved in a computer. Drafts turns my devices into a second brain, and my rampant thoughts fade out of sight, out of mind.

Using all of the latest Apple technologies and by leveraging the power of iCloud, everything Drafts captures is quickly and automatically synced to all your devices. The ultimate quick-capture device, Apple Watch supports voice input and more.

To celebrate ten years of Drafts and to help people see how it can help them, developer Agile Tortoise is offering the first year of Drafts Pro for just $4.99 — a notable saving on the normal $19.99 subscription. This offer is available to new customers and will run from today through April 30, 2022. To claim the offer, users should visit

As part of the celebration, Agile Tortoise is also opening a Drafts Store with branded t-shirts and other merchandise. The Drafts Store can be found at


Get details on the 10th Anniversary Offer:


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Visit the Drafts Store for merchandise:



Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years bring. :smile:

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Congrats on 10th year anniversary. That’s a huge milestone for an app!
If I’m a monthly subscriber, I don’t get this yearly discount, right?

Offer page covers the details. This is an offer for new subs only.

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On hoodie & sweatshirt product page colors is not labeled for VoiceOver (Got some help). Also, for first time I using Drafts got description about how Drafts logo looks like.

Congratulations on 10 years. Such a great app, and such a nice opportunity to bring new users into the fold. Here’s to another 10 years! :clinking_glasses:


Heartiest Congratulations, truly an amazing application.

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