Post To Wordpress Fail

Hey all! First time Drafts user and first post. I was sold on Drafts for the ability to post to my self-hosted websites using NOT the hosted site. I enter my credentials including the website User and Password. Posting to Wordpress fails every time. I check the Action Log as suggested in the forums and received the error: “HTTP Error: 404, not found WordPress posting failed”. I’ve updated the password and verified credentials are correct but no change. Using Drafts version 32.0 (57) on MacBook. Any advice for a newbie before I delete Drafts in favor of another solution? Thank you!

A 404, and as per the description,means it can’t find the URL entered for your site in the credentials. Try removing and re-adding the credential in case you had a typo.

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Can you get to (replacing the base URL of your site + xmlrpc.php)?

You should get a page that just says only POST requests are accepted.

If you cannot, it might mean either remote posting is disabled in your Wordpress config, or your hosting provider blocks XML-RPC by default, which many do and you have to request them enabled it for your site.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I will work with my host and have it resolved.