Post-processing Action for Web Capture

For example, in my workflow, it would be useful to automatically tag the current date to the captured draft. This would allow users to create workflows tailored to their individual needs, making the capture feature more convenient.

Do you have any other examples? Creation date is already meta data held against a draft so that particular example could already be queried and filtered.

What I wanted to convey with my example is that I want to assign tags dynamically. In my specific use case, it might be sufficient to use a template such as [[date|%Y-%m-%d]] in the Default tags for share extension . However, I believe that allowing the specification of an action to execute an arbitrary script after the capture succeeds would cover a wider range of use cases.

The reason for assigning date tags is that tags are convenient as they can be filtered by clicking on them.
(I am writing a script to merge selected drafts and format them, and for that purpose, filtering by date is important first.)