Possible with scripting? List from file names in a folder


Hello community.

I suck at scripting. I can usually re-tool scripts to suit my need but I fall short when pressed to start a script fresh. So I’m coming to the community for help.

I have a vision for a script. In short, I have a folder on text files saved in iCloud. I’m trying to accomplish a script action that would populates a list using the filenames (without the file extension) then adds the selection as a draft title.

I’m clueless where to start. Is such a script possible within Drafts? What UI/coding skills would I need to pull this off?

Thanks for helping! I appreciate anyone taking time to assist.



Sounds kind of similar to this.

But there’s been no advancement on the addition of directory listing methods just yet - at least according to the latest beta documentation for the FileManager object.


I need to bump that up on the feature list. Should be something that is supported soon.