Possible to combine two actions

I have an action that creates a new file (filename includes the date & time) in Dropbox, adds a date and time stamp to the file and then the contents of the draft.

I have a second action that appends to that file, first with a time stamp and then the contents of the draft. In this second action I do not want the date stamp.

My question is, can I combine these into a single action which will detect if a file for today has been created - if so, carry out action one, if not, carry out action two?

Sure. With a little scripting you can have an action that checks if the file with the expected name exists or not, and adjusts what is written to the file depending on whether it exists.

Here’s the Dropbox scripting reference:


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Thank you. This will test me, but I’ll dive in and give it a go.

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The forum’s here to help if you get stuck

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