Possible to change default italics from underscore to asterisk? (Cmd-U)

Normally I just type asterisks when I want to italicize or bold something, but occasionally I’ll highlight something and use the command-keys to do this. Is there a way to change the Cmd-U keystroke to place an asterisk instead of an underscore? AITA for wanting this?


This is probably a long answer to get to a simple solution, but short answer is “yes, you can change do that.”

There is an example action in the Directory for Markdown Emphasis (*), provided as an alternative to the default underscore version. If you follow that link, and install that action, you will have a version that does that.

After you install it (maybe added it to the “markdown” action group when prompted), edit that action (long-press, “edit” on iOS, or right-click “edit” on Mac), and assign it a keyboard shortcut for cmd-U.

Then you should be all set. Let me know if you need more detail on that process.


That did the trick, I’m glad I asked. Thank you!