Pop-out windows

On my Mac, when I double click on a Draft’s tab, a pop-out window appears. The window always pops out in the shape of a 3x3’ square. Is there a way to change this default shape? For example, I would prefer to have it shaped like a 2x4" rectangle, which helps me maximize screen space on the side of the screen.

A follow up to my question, when I hit shift-command-2, the window for the quick capture is exactly the shape I would prefer for those windows that pop up when I click on one of the drafts in the Draft List.

Also, in passing, I wish to express my appreciation for the ‘float on top’ option for these Draft List windows. Thank you!

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I’ll take a look at this…I don’t think the positioning should change. It’s important that the new windows appear in a predictable tiling, but it current is forcing the size which is arbitrary and it should remember the size you last set for an alternate window.

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This would be helpful.

I’d add - opening workspaces and action panes on pop up windows ultimately sends in text justifying in a narrowing frame getting small with each additional open and close of the workspaces and action panes. Ongoings g for quite a while.

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Thank you for 31.1, “Change (Mac): Allow “open in new window” windows to remember last used size.” I appreciate it!!