POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?



@jonarnold: FYI: https://twitter.com/draftsapp/status/1042137037695070208


I’m new to Drafts but have immediately fallen in love, so excuse my naïveté if this is old news and not possible:
I know that drafts isn’t designed to serve as a collaboration tool but I got my buddy hooked on drafts too and we would love the ability to edit a shared draft together in real time. He makes changes, I make changes, all on the same draft or even a dedicated workspace of collaborative drafts.

All the collaboration apps I’ve explored lack the clear robustness of Drafts (and the geek chic sexy interface).

So my two requests are the ability to collaborate in real time and the already in the works macOS version. I’m sure there are workflows, work arounds, scripts to make this possible but as I said, I’m new and just starting the climb up the learning curve so any guidance would be greatly appreciated as well!

Otherwise, thank you for creating and continuing to support this phenomenal tool.