Poll: How do you display workspace and action group tabs?

Feedback needed:

The “quick access tabs” feature to display tabs for workspaces at the bottom of the draft list and action groups at the bottom of the action list allows several display options. I’m interested in how these tabs are used and if anyone actually uses some of the display options. Feel free to add any more detailed feedback below!

  • Show only icon
  • Show name and icon
  • Show only name
  • I do not use the quick access tabs

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I only use the one for action groups, not workgroups, and now I think about it, I think only rarely do I actually select an action group that way.

Workspaces: Icons on iPhone, icons and names on iPad.
Action groups: How did I miss this? (From this moment on, the same way as workspaces!)


Icons only. If I had dozens of workspaces, I might need the names, but then the tabs at the bottom would be a poor way to navigate them anyway.

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That’s such a great idea! I’m currently doing icon/names, but definitely gonna switch to icons on iPhone and icon/names on iPad

Icons only, like a gentleman.


Icons only !!!

Workspaces: Just icons
Action groups: Icons and text

Icons only for both Workspaces and Action Groups.

I’m apparently a (lame) :slight_smile: rarity: I use names as I never figured out how to set up icons for each workspace. So I have some workspaces with a pen as an icon and most with a circle.

I admit this as

  1. Someone might help me out.
  2. This might demonstrate novices don’t know how to get icons working.

So I’ll take the risk of being called lame. :slight_smile:

There’s a page on the web site about Workspaces and in particular when you edit the workspace you can change the icon.


… though if you are helping Greg with beta testing where he’s currently reworking that part of the app, you may find you can’t do that. :wink:

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It worked fine - though stuff has moved around somewhat since that documentation was last updated.

I’m now “Icon Only” - so this has been worthwhile for me. But I will confess that picking useful icons has been hard.

I was using the default until I saw this poll and immediately jumped to icon only

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