Pledge for powerful Notion integration

Thank you for building Drafts and making it such a powerful and elegant tool.

Can you please consider to integrate Notion support slowly but surely into Drafts? This would be very helpful as most of my writing starts in Drafts but ends up in my digital note archive.

After 10 years of Evernote, I switched to Notion in a heartbeat after trying it out for a day. It is so powerful and adds many, many advantages to my digital archive. I am convinced it is going to have a huge appeal to advanced digital note-takers (=people that use Drafts) and is going to grow in importance over the next months and years.

Thank you for your consideration and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


PS: if you are a Notion user and read this, please consider to make yourself heard :wink:

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I’m not aware of any Notion API. I’m always looking for new services to integrate into Drafts, but unless they offer a web-based API, it’s not possible to integrate Notion in the manner or with the level of depth Evernote is integrated.

I also have not seen documentation for any URL scheme support in their apps, which would allow integration with existing actions in Drafts. If anyone comes across documentation for such support in Notion, I’d be happy to assist in the creation of some example Notion actions.

Thank you for this constructive answer :slight_smile: I‘ll reach out to the Notion support team and report back here what they have to say regarding API availability.

OK, so there is no Notion web API, yet.

From Notion support:

… We don’t have a public API yet but it’s on the roadmap! …

I’ll report back when this changes :slight_smile: