Please don’t require Mojave for final Drafts 5 for Mac


Title says it all! Because I have a ScanSnap s1300m, I’m stuck on High Sierra but I love Drafts 5 for Mac.


It’s also the case that Mojave, for the first time in quite a few years, left more Macs out in the cold regarding eligibility for upgrade. Top of my head, I think it shifted-on 3 years, to 2012, for some models. The irony of course being iOS has gone the other way and indeed become much snappier on older hardware.

I don’t doubt that a healthy proportion of those frequenting this forum will have the “latest and greatest,” Mac hardware as roles/work dictate this. Time is money etc. But with new Macs getting further/substantial price-hikes this year, for those with limited demands (not using Xcode or video-editing etc), there is perhaps a greater desire to keep the older kit running for as long as is practicable, especially when it appears to be perfectly serviceable.

I bet there’s nothing more infuriating for a developer than non-developers chiming-in on sys reqs when they have no knowledge on the fundamental issues at hand on delivering a robust solution. All I will say is, as High Sierra will likely get security updates until 10.15 drops, it would be nice to see Drafts support macOS n-1 when it does come out of beta.


@randystokes - Are you sure about this. I have a Scansnap s1300 and it runs just fine in Mojave. My problem will likely come at the nest release, 10.15, when Apple says the support for 32-bit drivers will not exist any longer.


I still refuse to upgrade to Mojave due to the Windows-Vista-esque “security” “improvements” so I hope High Sierra will be supported.