Placeholder text disappear on focus

Is it possible to create placeholder text (hopefully is light grey colour) that disappears once something is typed? Y’know, like what you often see in online forms?

Here’s an image that shows what I meant.

  • You can pre-populate text in prompts, but they don’t disappear when something is typed.
  • You could create a more advanced HTML prompt where the text is pre-populated and disappears when something is typed. HTML prompts can use a large proportion of web technologies, and the HTM, CSS and JavaScript to do this are readily accessible to it.
  • You could probably do this in TextExpander to an extent.
  • You cannot create fields within a draft that would work in this way without some sort of automation trigger to do the replacement; not something supported by Drafts at this time, and very much why for population of fields, people either overtype or use some sort of prompt to drive this. There are many examples in the forum and the action directory of using prompts of both types to populate a draft.

Hope that helps.

Not sure in what context you are looking to do placeholders. Scripted prompts support this, see the placeholder option available in addTextField.

As @sylumer mentioned, custom HTML prompts give you complete UI flexibility, if you know HTML/CSS/JS.


I want my default draft to contain a list of Draft keyboard shortcuts and voice dictation commands to help me memorize them. I want the text to then disappear once I start typing (or adding text via dictation).