Place insertion point when using Insert Text action step?

I’m sure I’m not the first person who wants to use an Insert Text action and then be able to continue typing from a point within the inserted text. But I haven’t been able to find out how to do it from a quick search-and-skim of the documentation and this forum. Can someone set me on the right track?

You could select a zero-length portion of the draft.

I don’t understand. A concrete example of what I want: a parentheses button in the action bar which will insert the ‘(’ and ‘)’ characters and place the cursor between them, so I can avoid having to repeatedly switch keyboard registers.

Pretty straightforward with a bit of JavaScript. Here’s a function you can drop into a script step and re-use. It takes two parameters. The text you want to insert before the cursor and the text you want to insert after the cursor.

function insertAndPosition(p_strPrefix, p_strSuffix)
	editor.setSelectedText(p_strPrefix + p_strSuffix);
	editor.setSelectedRange(editor.getSelectedRange()[0] + p_strPrefix.length, 0);

Then you can just call it like this for your example.


Hope that helps.

Just the ticket, thanks! Learning Javascript is on my to-do list… but it’s a rather long list!

I thought the question was how to position an insertion cursor. Selecting text where the start and end of the selection are the same is one way of doing it - in many environments.