PENDING: Workspace/widget reflects user tap

Currently, When the user taps a note in a widget, drafts opens to the note.

If the widget is set to a Workspace, then the user expects to launch “inside” the Workspace, i.e. the list of drafts should be filtered like the selected workspace.

My sense of tapping a workspace-specific widget is that I am going into that workspace.

what do you mean with workspace specific widget?

I do not see that setting in the widget.

Make the Home Screen wiggle, tap your drafts widget. You can set it to a workspace.

Ok now I understand it.

The Drafts List widget is configured to list widgets from a workspace.

On tapping the widget drafts is opened and the selected draft is displayed BUT the workspace is not switched to the workspace from the widget.

I agree that that would be a nice feature. Maybe implemented with a toggle switch in the widgets setup (switch to workspace on opening)