[Pending] Save to iCloud Provider (Nextcloud/Owncloud)

Is it possible to have Drafts save to a specific folder of a specified iCloud provider? Basically to mimic what the Dropbox action can do, but with a cloud provider that does not have its own Drafts action step?

I mean save the draft by running the action, not having to navigate through iCloud providers and folders manually.

I have a Nextcloud instance. The Nextcloud iOS app is installed and it is connected as a storage provider to iCloud Drive.

If nextcloud has a url scheme or if it offers an api or if it can be accessed through shortcuts you could built an action to do this.

About a year ago, Greg suggested some options around journaling to you that included the use of Webdav.

Both cloud services you mention appear to support Webdav, and the Webdav action supports specifying a oth, so I would suggest that would be the easiest way forward.