PENDING: New Draft with Safari Tabs, but on iPadOS?

Hi, I use excellent action by @agiletortoise

Since this action works only on Mac, is it possible to make similar action, based on javascript and which will work on iPadOS?

No. Safari on mobile does not provide any external access to the open tabs.

On my MacBook I got an error that reads: ‘The file “compiler-622619555.55536.scpt” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it’.

I installed the action on my man and could create a draft fine.
Did you set the script folder the first time?

Maybe try to reinstall the action or look for the script from your error message and tell us where it is stored on your device.

Maybe your user or drafts is not allowed to acces this location

To the former question, should there not be a way to open one or all open tabs from an iOS Safari on the MacBook and then running the action there?

  1. Press and hold the bookmark button on iOS
  2. Define a name for the folder
  3. Wait for sync
  4. Open Safari on macOS
  5. Right click on the newly created folder from iOS
  6. Open all in Tabs
  7. Run action in Drafts
  8. .,. Enjoy

Dude, you are genius! Sounds good, will try it tomorrow in action

Can also automate with KM maybe

What does this mean?

in running the action the first time, I got a file dialog to set the folder for the actions apple script.

This is important to give the script the necessary permission to do its magic

I didn’t get any file dialogue

Ok, that’s interesting.

Maybe you only have to do this on the first action in drafts that uses apple script.

I have to check.