Pending: Keyboard shortcuts not working

For some reason, Drafts isn’t picking up keyboard shortcuts, both the global once in the Preferences and ones I’ve added to Actions. I tried to find a permission for this and can’t locate it anywhere. Any ideas where I could check?

That’s odd. Do the functions all work properly in the app if you select them from the main menu? Do you custom shortcuts all appear properly in the “Actions” menu keyboard shortcuts preview?

Which version of drafts and macOS?
Any other keyboard tools (Keyboard Majestät) that might consume the keyboard input?

Everything works when I select from the main menu and the shortcuts that are set up there work fine. It’s just the shortcuts under Drafts > Preferences and the ones I set up in Actions that don’t work.

I’m an automation nerd, so I have some apps that might be consuming input: Alfred, Karabiner, and TextExpander. But I’ve confirmed that those shortcuts aren’t being used in any of them.