[Pending] Hide a long URL or embed it in my Draft

Apologies for not having been able to find an answer to this one, but how in Drafts can I hide the long url - ideally by “embedding” it where it says Link?

Thanks in advance, Jack. - example below

Musical links from JN

14/10/2020 - Musical Flash Mob: Ode an die Freude ( Ode to Joy ) Beethoven Symphony No.9 classical


This is truly wonderful IMHO. Made my morning.

That did not work out well at all. See screenshot below as this is what my Draft looks like !!

You don’t hide links in Drafts. It works with plain text.

If you mark it up with Markdown, when you preview or generate rich text it would show as a hyperlink.

If you want to just declutter, then maybe use the Markdown way to name links and place them at the end.


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Or use a link shortener, like bit.ly


Well this won’t help with the example you posted, but generally, URLs get really long due to marketing efforts putting tons of tracking parameters into the URL.

In my view, it’s easiest to tackle this problem at its root: install a browser extension that removes tracking parameters. This also shortens links for every other case like e.g. when you want to send a link in a messenger.

I use this extension for chrome, but there are most likely similar extensions for Firefox or Safari as well.

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Good point. Or you can manually delete everything to the right of a “?” to eliminate the referrer code.


Thanksgiving for asking.

What is not directly stated in the other replies.

Drafts is s plain text capture and processing tool.

Many of us do use it as a note taking database but we accept the fact that it is stored in plain text.

One idea may be to store the link in a own draft note like

 Link: My URL

and refer to it with wiki style links

 I have a cool  [[Link: My URL]] that is too long to be shown here

Opening the link would then be to clicks instead of one.

The creation of this draft could easily be automated with a script. Just call if you need help with it.