[Pending] Emptying Trash or Permanently Delete Draft in Action / Script


I’m creating some actions to write notes that might include some sensitive information. I have an action that moves the notes out of Drafts and then deletes it (using the action “After Success” -> Ask option). That solves part of the problem, but now these sensitive drafts are in the Trash.

I’m looking for a solution to either (1) empty the Trash or (2) delete the specific draft permanently and that can additionally work in actions in both iOS and macOS.

Although I haven’t tried it yet, I think in macOS I’ll be able to add a little AppleScript to select “Empty Trash” from the menu, but a more elegant solution would be welcome. In iOS, I don’t think there’s a solution and I’ll need to remember to empty the Trash after the action.

I suspect this doesn’t exist to keep people from accidentally hosing their trash bins, but I don’t mind a solution that asks for confirmation every time (e.g. a nice solution would the “Ask” after success option to include “Permanently Delete”).

Any ideas? Thanks.

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I am interested to find out if this is possible. I have a couple of actions where I really do not need the draft once it is processed and having to empty the trash from time to time is an extra step I would love to avoid.

I assume Greg could add something to allow a more immediate permanent deletion via a script action or URL scheme option, but there’s a certain element of danger there for sharing such actions and unintended consequences.

Have you also taken into account Drafts’ backups for such highly confidential data? That would be a accessible as the trashed draft.

I’ll assume the security for iCloud sync is okay for your existing requirements.

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