[Pending] Changing action group on Mac

I would like to quickly search for an Action and change its Group.

Changing the Action Group to which an Action belongs can be difficult if one has many Actions. There is no facility to search for a particular Action by name within the Manage Actions window, where right clicking on an Action will bring up the Move to… option allowing one to change the Action Group. An Action can only be moved after finding it in the list after visually searching for that Action.

The Actions can easily be searched within the Action List, but once the action is found in this list there is no facility to Move the Action. For example, right clicking on the Action in this list after the search has identified the desired Action allows only Running or Editing the Action. It would be great to have a Move option in this location.

Is there something/somewhere I am missing in the UI that would allow changing Group location of an Action after using a search box to identify the desired Action?


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Agreed this is a pain point. Will try to prioritize some improvements here.