Paste from spreadsheet into Drafts while using full width and make organized

I’m pasting a simple table with 4 columns and 11 rows. When I paste into Drafts as Plain Text or Markdown, the columns get squished and take up more lines than necessary. When I attempt to recreate the columns with tabs, the content wraps well before the margin and I’m not sure why. As a result, I can’t get the table info into a tabbed text structure like I need. How can I paste the content without running into the issue where Drafts adds a return on my content despite plenty of margin and space to work with?

For illustration, this table pastes like this in Drafts, and I’m trying to get it to paste like—or to be edited to appear as—(adding screenshot in a reply since I can only have 2 links in a post here).

Please let me know if and how the is able to be accomplished. Thank you!

Here’s the last link for my example.
I’m trying to get it to paste like—or to be edited to appear as—

This came up a few years back.

It doesn’t look as though any progress has been made against it.

From my testing, it looks like for plain text with a fixed width font (MENLO) it wraps on the first tab after the single-width 40th character; if you use multiple-character width characters like a tab it will be lower than 40.

Changing the can have an effect.

Fundamentally, it is just the display of the data. As in, the data is on the correct lines (note the line numbering), it is just the way that it is being shown. It actually is in the tabbed structure that you want, but it doesn’t look as you had expected.

If you change the font, you can get the content on a single line, but with a variable-width font, it isn’t going to line up - we’re dealing with characters and not positions in say a word processing document.

@agiletortoise, is this still on your list to take a look at?