Password protect a draft note

Is there an action available that allows you to password protect a particular draft note? I could not find anything on searching for ‘password protect’. Thanks for help or suggestions. Doug


Drafts does not support password protection on notes natively. You could encrypt the content of the note using scripting.

There are JavaScript libraries out there that could be used if this was necessary.

At the same time, there’s the issue of note version history to consider. You would have to manually trash the original content if it existed in a draft.

If this is for anything other than simply wanting to casually keep out prying eyes, I’d question if Drafts is really the best place to keep this data? Perhaps you could provide more detail around your particular use case(s)?


Drafts is the go to app for most of the us on this forum. So, many of the things that I write in drafts, stay in the app and aren’t exported out. How does one password protect a draft , or better still a workspace? Can you elaborate?

Who are you asking to elaborate on what exactly? As noted above, there’s no inbuilt password protection feature.

I was referring to this part

That’s quite open ended. If you are just looking for an example, to use or understand, take a look at the encryption actions in my Power User action group.

Do keep front of mind the earlier points about versions and backups.