Paragraph Mode - for Mac and iOS/iPad OS

I created Paragraph Mode as a prototype.

I think Arrange Mode should allow actions to be run against selected paragraphs or lines. As that isn’t the case I wrote this piece of javascript that:

  1. Pops up all the paragraphs (2 x \n\n as the delimiter) in a dialog with a paragraph number and a check box against each.
  2. Allows you to pick an action from a small range and hit the “Apply” button to apply it to selected paragraphs.
  3. Allows you to use the “Save” button to save back all the paragraphs.

You can easily modify the javascript to add actions. The ones I started with are simple and aren’t intended to be that useful.

As I say, this more shows the idea of applying actions to selected paragraphs than anything.

Feel free to take this and enhance it.

(There are a few issues with the layout on both Mac and iOS with the Prompt class.)

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