Packing: An Action Group to make Packing Lists

I made a action group to manage my packing lists:

In the background it builds a dictionary and save that to your iCloud, meaning your templates are cross device. For full details on how it works I have a blog post:

I’d love to hear of any points for improvement! I already have noted down that when a category emoji is updated I’d like to update all the packing lists to reflect that.


for me this would be an overkill.
I just have a note in evernote with a table as a packing list. it has two columns “category” & “things” so in the category clothes i put all the clothes I probably need.
i just link this note to a “Pack for …” task and then check of all the items - if I dont need something on the trip (e.g. a winterjacket for vacation at the beach) I also check of the items. When all items are chekced off, filterize just unchecks them and the list is ready to use for the next trip.