Outline Apps? Still needed?


Googling for “text folding omnioutliner” gave me this…



I even downloaded the manual and searched for “folding” - to no avail :smile:

Anyway, i like it!

I think, even better than Cloud Outliner Pro, my current favorite.

Outlinely looks good, but finally did not click enough for me (and also is a subscription for more features like OPML export) …


I am going to buy OmniOutliner, it seems to be the best of the lot.


Hi, I’m a new user of Drafts 5.
I’m not nearly as technical as Drafts 5 allows, but I hope to learn more with time.

To answer your questions, I also use Cloud Outliner Pro. I’ve needed an outliner since first having one, about 20 years ago.

I may be premature in answering this, but I don’t think Drafts (or any other app) could serve as a replacement for an outliner, at least in my case, where the outliner is used heavily throughout the day, and Drafts has the benefit of being a quiet place to write.

I use Drafts specifically for drafting & sending emails & texts on a black background, without being distracted by the sight of my email inbox, a to do list or notes. I’ve noticed that when I use Drafts, I have much less editing to do when I’m ready to send, than when writing in my outliner, journal or notes apps.

The colored text in COP is helpful for me, but lack of image support calls for a separate notes app & no url scheme integration causes me to wander & occasionally, stray.


Hello Sarah,
interesting reply!

Have a look at OmniOutliner!

I think that the Essentials version is already better than Cloud Outliner Pro.
And the Pro version also supports images!
You can test both for 14 days.

Which Notes app do you use?
I am split between Notes, Notability, ZoomNotes and Notes Plus, but tested many more.

About mail … how do you handle that with Drafts?

Most of the time, I am replying to an existing thread, so just sending a mail from Drafts does not work. I would first need to copy what is visible in the mail after hitting „Reply“ to get the quotes and everything, then paste in Drafts, write my stuff and then copy and paste this back into Mail.

Just selecting the text in mail and sharing to Drafts does also not work, as Drafts seems to remove the quotation signs. Strange.

So, Drafts is no solution for me for email.
Or are there any tricks and workarounds that help in this?


Hi tja,
I’m sorry, don’t mean to disappoint. Like I said, Drafts is very new to me. (I’ve only just set up my menu options in prefs.)

You’re right, I can only avoid my inbox by initiating emails in & sending from Drafts.

I still use Drafts to reply, either by:
-using the copy button on the Drafts keyboard, opening the email & pasting my reply,
-if I’m replying to a friend, I paste the original in Drafts, and reply paragraph by paragraph. Copy, paste as a reply then format the text I’ve added (so it looks different than theirs) & send.

I find it difficult to reply to forum threads online while on my iPhone, so most of this reply was written in Drafts. It’s also good for journal entries, because of it’s nice black background; I wouldn’t use it, otherwise.

I’m sure most Drafts users are far more advanced in their usage, but like you, I enjoy trying out lots of different apps & learning their finer points. I get caught between apps too, like you are with notes.

I might give Omni Outliner a try, thanks!


Ah, yes. I have my own problems with those modern, interactive, dynamic forums, if it’s that.
Going to try this with Drafts too.

About dark themes, lots of editors support this already!

Have fun :wink:


I used to use OmniOutliner extensively when I was focused only on iOS and OSX. Unfortunately I often need to work with Windows users. I now write a lot of outlines using Markdown with their lists feature.

Since I spend a lot of time on both OSX and Windows, I use SublimeText as my editor and wrote a bunch of python code to modify outlines the same way OmniOutliner does. For ex: If you move, the current line and all nest-lines are moved with it. You can promote and demote lines and all nested lines come with it.

My goal is to translate all the SublimeText python code to Drafts. Unfortunately I am just learning javascript (not a developer either) and this is taking a lot longer than expected.

I will definitely share once completed.


StephanL, that realy sounds interesting!
Can’t wait for your results :grinning:

I’m not so happy with the Drafts “hamburger” myself.
First, it opens a new and much smaller window, instead of arranging the actual text and at the regular size.
And, you cannot select multiple single lines or sets of nested lines.
OmniOutliner is quite nice there!

But maybe Drafts will grow into this :wink:

Regarding export, i think that plain text and OPML should suffice for most Apps and operating systems. You can quite easily convert.

I often start things in an Outline App, formerly Cloud Outliner Pro, now OmniOutliner, and send this to iThougths to check and modify and in general get an overview. But the base stays the Outline, most of the time.
iThoughts also can exports into Things 3, if this is the goal.