OS Sharesheet Shortcuts for Drafts (part 1): New Draft or Append to last modified Draft

All shortcuts offer the choice between creating a new draft or appending to the last modified draft. Any ideas for improvement are welcome! (split into two posts, as I cannot post more than two links per post as new user, sorry)

Basic Version

for URLs: Save URL together with the Webpage Title

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Hi @armenotan,

welcome to the Forum.
Thanks for sharing the shortcut example scripts.

Do you know about the Share & Action settings in Drafts:

Setup Page:

Share Dialog with custom template:

Search for a Draft to Append/Prepend:

Do not get confused by my template. My concept might seem strange on the first glimpse.

It is taylor’s to my main use case of adding snippets in my Zettelkasten database (slip-box) in drafts.

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thanks for the tip! I was aware of the option to search for a draft to append/prepend. However, that would include a lot more swipes and taps, when I basically just want to add to the last draft anyway. So the iOS Shortcut was a way for me to automate that.

My notation was for my own Slipbox which I implement in Notion :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of the share & action settings. It seems that they only work in Safari though? For one I use Chrome, and in addition I mostly make my drafts out of PDFs that I read on the iPad (i.e., academic papers). To be able to add an url as well as a selection with just one share action would be nice though.

Strange thing. I can confirm that the share template does not work in Chrome on iOS.

It should work in every browser.

We have to ask Greg if this is a bug.

No, it is a Safari specific feature to be able to pass in the multiple parts (title, url and selection). Drafts simple takes advantage of that feature.